Building trust in the carbon ecosystem

EnhaloGreen develops and shares digital tools that deliver agility and credibility to carbon initiatives, and build confidence in the carbon ecosystem.

Our complete carbon solution gives users anywhere in the world – from governments and corporates to landowners, charities and individuals – transparency, accountability and compliance.

EnhaloGreen empowers organisations to commit to carbon offsetting and play their part in addressing climate change.

For carbon offsetting to be an effective tool in decarbonisation, carbon markets need infrastructure that is secure, transparent and trusted. And they need it now. Our digital platform enables organisations to robustly measure, verify and track carbon sequestration, and to extract additional value through the commercialisation of carbon credits.

Accelerating verification and certification

Friction and red tape are among the greatest obstacles to the adoption and mainstreaming of climate-positive initiatives.

EnhaloGreen’s digital platform automates and dramatically accelerates key steps in the carbon verification and certification process, giving near real-time analysis to capture and certify carbon for the voluntary market. This reduces the cost of entry for landowners, farmers and project developers, democratising the market and opening the door to smaller projects. We partner with licensed independents to rigorously validate and verify that producers are adhering to the relevant codes, including the UK Carbon Code in the UK.

Providing a reliable, secure carbon registry

What is it, where is it and who owns it? Carbon credits can only succeed when the answers to these questions are definitively captured, stored and made accessible.

EnhaloGreen’s Carbon registry delivers transparency and security, giving stakeholders certainty of the fidelity and provenance of captured carbon.

Certified and registered carbon is visible and traceable, providing the assurance that corporates require before purchasing carbon credits or engaging with offsetting programmes and putting their money and their reputations on the line. Our platform supports carbon credit transactions of all sizes, as well as long-term subscriptions, giving users complete control over their offsetting strategies.

Trading carbon credits in a secure, accessible marketplace

EnhaloGreen’s online carbon marketplace enables users to see, purchase and retire verified carbon credits with full transparency and traceability.

We create project-specific marketplaces for individual carbon sequestration projects, countries and regions as required. Users can offset their carbon footprint against carbon credits in our registry with functionality allowing them to select and review project details, locations and the relevant certification process. Our marketplaces also feature full settlement functionality, ensuring that project developers and landowners receive revenues they have earned through climate-positive activities.

Tracking carbon on the blockchain

EnhaloGreen uses CarbonTracker – software developed with Stabiliti, a sister company and blockchain provider – to accurately capture carbon origin and location, asset value, and ownership and transfer across complex carbon ecosystems at scale. CarbonTracker guarantees the integrity of the carbon capture process, providing immutability and transparency to market participants.

Carbon code compliance

EnhaloGreen’s digital platform delivers rapid and robust certification in line with all reputable carbon codes, including:

  • UK Carbon Code
  • UK Woodland Carbon Code
  • UK Peatland Code
  • Soil Carbon Code
  • Congo Brazzaville Carbon Code

of SMEs agreed employees care that the business behaves sustainably and reduces its impact on the climate

Attributing carbon per product

As emissions reporting requirements become more exacting – and carbon comes to play a larger role in consumer decision-making – accounting for carbon at the per-product level will become both more important and more attractive.

EnhaloGreen’s platform supports carbon fractionalisation – the accurate attribution of offset carbon to a specific product or unit throughout the entire supply chain. Consumers at both the corporate and retail level can see and reliably report the carbon that was sequestered to offset their purchase – whether that’s a mile of electric cable for a home builder or a can of beer for a student.

Modelling carbon capture in real time

EnhaloGreen’s CarbonTracker software, delivered with Stabiliti, gives users real-time understanding of carbon capture, including the potential for digital-twin desktop views. Combining unique geo-location with complex sampling and forecasting, users can track carbon from end to end – from traded credits to carbon in the ground, biomass or any other form of sequestration.

About EnhaloGreen

EnhaloGreen was born out of a recognition that technology can play a vital enabling role in accelerating the acceptance and mainstreaming of carbon markets. By eliminating the obstacles and delays that have beset the sector to date, EnhaloGreen to supports new entrants and builds confidence in the fidelity of carbon available for sale to organisations looking to credibly offset their emissions.

Organisations, individuals and the media will only truly believe in carbon offsetting as a viable climate-change strategy when the markets can demonstrate their integrity and security. With our origins in cyber-security, supporting banks, financial institutions and others, Enhalo is well-placed to deliver the tools necessary to bring these markets to maturity and to encourage new entrants by providing infrastructure that is easy to access, reliable and trusted. So we established EnhaloGreen and set out to partner with organisations across the carbon ecosystem and around the world – from soil scientists and laboratories to landowners and innovative corporates – to help realise the potential of carbon offsetting in addressing the urgent issues of climate change and decarbonisation.

Our mission

To develop and share digital tools that support an agile, credible and secure carbon ecosystem, accelerating the normalisation of carbon offsetting and encouraging more participants to enter the carbon markets.

The EnhaloGreen team

Our partners

DarkGreen Carbon (DGC) is an end-to-end carbon removal solution focusing on soil carbon. It combines consultancy in regenerative land management practices that accelerate and amplify carbon sequestration with robust measurement and verification and an EnhaloGreen carbon registry and marketplace that allows corporate offsetters to purchase certified carbon credits.

Stabiliti has created a straightforward and low-friction approach to tokenising carbon, extending reach to new markets and creating new revenue opportunities. Carbon is tracked across the ecosystem from source, through the whole lifecycle, including the downstream supply chain, ensuring confidence, accuracy and integrity. Participants in our ecosystem can realise a new level of assurance and attain unprecedented quality guarantees.

• Stabiliti has developed powerful decentralised tracking and tracing in realtime
• Offset management, insight and reporting for business across your organisation with our decentralised platform

DarkBlack Carbon is a biochar business, taking biowaste and turning it into biochar which can be used as a soil enriching additive or in a variety of industrial products to lock in carbon. The processing of biochar creates carbon credits which are sold via an EnhaloGreen registry and marketplace and the heat generated during the process is converted to electricity and sold back to the grid.

Re-generation Earth works with land managers to help them unlock the potential in their land, help them build more financially and environmentally resilient businesses and help them benefit from the new income streams through carbon offset and biodiversity net gain (BNG) sales.